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Normandy Houses is the place to find gites,cottages, villas and houses to rent in Le Perche, Normandy; located in the beautiful department of the Orne.

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Vacation rental in Normandy is fun,peaceful, reflective and thought-provoking, as well as healthy for the mind and soul. Live like the locals and experience le Perche in Normandy as a Percheron.

Rent a furnished cottage or gite and enjoy Normandy. Take advantage of the holidays in Le Perche, where there is quiet and solitude and even with tourists who inhabit the neighborhoods as well, one still has the feeling of complete peace and tranqullity.

The best places to rent, let, or even live in Le Perche, Normandy you will find here with Normandy Houses.




Our furnished houses are equipped with linens and towels.The kitchens are prepared for your simplest barbecue to your best gourmet meal. Anything a cook might need is there.The houses are centrally heated and there is enough wood available to make a fire in the old stone fireplaces that have lasted over time.There are barbecues in each house and the necessary equipment to roast that chicken, hamburger, steak or just to keep the spirit warm. Bicycles and indoor basketball are there as well. Cds,dvds,and books to read are in abundance.

To rent in Le Perche is easy and we are open for all special needs.We have accommodations for all desired rentals whether it is for vacation rental, long weekends or for the all year around weekend retreat from the busy city life.


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